RECENT WORK POSTCARDS – Gwaii Haanas Artist in Residence 

A brand new set of 8 unique 4″x6″ postcards of my work!

Set of 8 postcards with surprise bonus $20
Set of 8 with catalogue & bonus $40
Set of 8 with catalogue & surprise bonus $250
Set of 8 with catalogue & big surprise bonus $1000 

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Payments may be made by email (, Paypal, by cheque in the mail, cash or credit card if you can pop by the studio. Please email for any questions. Thank you!


In the past, I have worked on commissioned paintings for designers for paintings to go to public sites and for individuals looking for something specific. After working in twelve studios in three countries from 2012 through until 2016, doing several artist residencies, receiving my MFA degree with distinction from Falmouth University in the UK and concentrating on redirecting my studio practice in a new direction, I have decided to open my practice to commissions once again.

What I enjoyed was that people chose to work with me because they already loved my work and trusted me to work instinctively with them on something brand new. We had interesting discussions about what they liked, about the size of the commissioned piece, their budget and often specifics about placement. For some clients, it was their first time working one on one with an artist and our studio meetings were peppered with questions about my art practice, lifestyle, and career history. At all times, there was a built-in excitement to explore, to trust and to discover.

Custom sizes can be as large as your space requires, with some restrictions on paper height and standard wood panel cuts. If you are interested in mural style commission, further discussions will help work out any particular logistic details.

The initial consultation is built into the final price of the piece. A ten percent deposit is required to hold your spot on the wait-list, then a fifty percent deposit is required once the piece is in progress. Please allow for a three-six  month gestation period.

Feel free to contact me for size options, pricing & timeline queries.

The Stories I TellThe Stories I Tell  | graphite on paper  | 63″ x 204″ (160 x 518 cm)
Onto Into Above #5, in situ
Onto Into Above No.5 | Ground pigment, graphite on panel (framed) | 48″ x 84″

Paintings, in situ

P U R C H A S E 

For a full visual inventory of paintings available for rent or purchase through my studio, please email me at Feel free to contact me via email with any questions about artwork on this site, regarding availability, sizes and pricing.


 $20 +shipping (if outside of Canada)  -52 pages, over 80 illustrations





Siobhan Humston 2012 catalogue $6  -24 pages, 49 illustrations

Both catalogues $24

Limited numbers of EXPLORING TOTEM postcards are available, as pictured below.
$2 each
3 for $5
7 for $10

Limited edition reproductions *Please allow 7-10 days for processing. Prices do not include shipping.

Printed & signed on display ready aluminum     Pricing to follow

Printed & signed on paper, unframed    Pricing to follow

*cards are 6″ x 4″
*numbers do not appear on hard copies

Payments can be made via Paypal, by email transfer or by cheque

Contact me at or 1-604-773-9229 with any questions