Adventures in Transportation & Meditation

Adventures in Transportation & Meditation  | 2014  |
Acrylic, graphite paint & graphite on wood panel, self framed
#1-4 – 47″ x 48″ $4200   #6-9 – 20″ x 20″ $1100




The Adventures in Transportation & Meditation paintings are a collision of fascination with natural environment and man-made elements, represented here by vintage cars and architectural drawings. Raised as the only girl with three older brothers and thinking of road trips, dreamscapes, and environmental challenges, I love imagining new places for the viewer to enter into contemplation. Curiously devoid of a human component, the vehicle propels into or away from deliberately ambiguous and geographically anachronistic natural elements, raising the questions “Where are we going?” and “What are we leaving behind?”
These paintings represent the more surreal and adventurous aspects of our life full of journeys, challenges and creativity. You know yourself the dreams I mean . . .


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