Exploring Totem

‘EXPLORING TOTEM’ is the continuation of a body or work started at an Artist in Residence program in New York. Her works on panel and large scale drawings on paper involve the use of abstracted aspects of nature now coupled with various man-made elements including cars, houses, tractors and so on. The use of the word ‘totem’ is the artist’s respectful reference to the vertically situated totem pole of First Nations people, and to the concept of gathering symbols and ideology of what one may see as vital and perhaps that may be of conflicting value in our current society. Ranger Station Art Gallery Residency, 2012/2013

‘Some of What Totem’ and ‘Floating Dragging Totem’ were exhibited for the Fraser Valley Biennale, Reach Gallery, Abbotsford, Canada 2012

south gallery 'exploring totem'

back corner, with mixed media dwgs 'exploring totem'

4-space betwee, some of what, totem photosExploring Totem | Artist in Residence exhibition, Ranger Station Art Gallery | 2013


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