Tender to the Sea catalogue, re-release

With over eighty photographs of recent sculptures, installations, paintings and drawings, the Tender to the Sea catalogue has been edited and is about to go to a second printing. It contains forty-eight pages of writing & documentation of the work and work-in-progress.

For pre-order at $14, which will include postage to wherever you’d like it sent, please email me at smhumston@gmail.com, text or call me in Vancouver at 00-1-604-773-9229 or contact me at twitterinstagram or linkedin.

Payment can be made via Paypal, by cash if you’re in Vancouver, cheque via post to Studio 308-1701 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC Canada  V5L 5C9 or by direct deposit via my email address shumston@gmail.com. I am registered on Paypal under my full name and email address smhumston@gmail.com.

Special thanks to Derek von Essen, who helped refine the design and correct all those pesky little mistakes, and to my good friends and my good dad who helped proofread. You are far more insightful than spell check!

Thank you, as always, my lovelies!

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cover pages
Front & back cover |  7″ x 9.5″

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Back Lane West, Artist in Residence

December 2015/January 2016 | Back Lane West, Artist in Residence  |
Redruth, Cornwall   UK

Back Lane West was a great space to finish off some new work, develop new iterations of recent pieces and re-stage the Tender to the Sea work from my MFA degree at Falmouth University. Special thanks to Jane & Patrick who run this residency with great dedication and with a compassionate interest in what each artist brings to BLW’s collective story.


In this body of work Tender to the Sea, I weave my art making process through the development of Day-to-Day Aesthetics methodology with varied environmental concerns and personal interests. Through the consideration of materials available to me by chance and circumstance combined with addressing the importance that place plays on the human psyche, I strive to create work that is deeply personal and intricately connected to my time living in Cornwall.

The plan for my time of academic and practical study was not to work on one specific project but to create a body of work that would effectively interlace elements of my existing art practice, adding interests in three dimensional work, sound and video alongside my passion and commitment to issues of the natural environment and human interaction with it.  My task as an artist is to create work that is stimulating, intriguing and inspiring and that may transport the viewer to a state of wonder or awe or inquiry. Using my immediate surroundings, past experiences with my existing creative space, I make objects, installations, video/soundscapes that seek to enrich and broaden the experience of those who come into contact with them. Beyond these concerns are questions, answers, challenges, successes, flops and work that continues to suggest a forward movement. A movement toward connectivity, between myself and the viewer and perhaps even more significantly, between myself and my own work.

Taking inspiration from those artists and critics with similar interests such as Suzi Gablick, Allan Kaprow, Joseph Beuys and the Arte Povera group, I respond intrinsically to the question Where am I in the art? and furthermore think philosophically about Where am I in the seed from which it grows, the fruit that it produces and at all stages in between? To create work that is deeply personal is a risk. It speaks beyond the fashion of what is expected and aspires to uncover new territory. I believe the greatest potential of art-work created from a place of emotional and spiritual authenticity is that it may inspire its audience to also take risks, ask questions and delve deeply into the humanity and fragility that is life.’

Introduction from Tender to the Sea catalogue, 2016

Tender to the Sea exhibition video


To do a short walk through of my most recent exhibition, click on the link below.
Tender to the Sea exhibition slideshow

Photo selection of work below, in order: Tender to the Sea (drawings), Row the Boat Out (drawings), A Day Like this (installation), Tender the boat (sculpture), The Stories I Tell (drawing), Flaneur’s Walk (installation), Onto Into Above (painting)

Sea Slice, Endangered 101, Tender to the Sea drawings

3. row the boat out drawings


3. boat horizontal

2. tender to the sea, full w me

2. flaneur's walk, st

Onto, Into, Above #2-4

Tender to the Sea Exhibition

I am an interdisciplinary artist with a full-time practice in two and three dimensional art with sound and video installation. I create abstract narratives about human interaction with our environment; stories of degradation, resilience and interconnectedness.

This exhibition is a culmination of nine months of steady schematic development centering on ideas of our displacement from nature, my own separation from and longing for a sense of home. Although themes of fragility run through my work, the intent is to offer a sense of hope and wonderment both through the creating process and in the outcome of these artworks.

It is my wish that through interacting with this body of work, or connecting even with a single element of a particular piece, that the viewer is transformed in some way, becoming a participant in the thoughts and ideas presented or in sharing appreciation of the astonishing environment that surrounds us.

MA-MFA SHOW invite

Preview Tuesday August 25, 6-9
Show runs from Wednesday August 26 through to Saturday August 29, 10-5

Tender to the Sea


The Boat, in progress. 3mm steel rods. 220 x 125 x 46cm


M A / M F A   A r t   &   E n v i r o n m e n t
M A   I l l u s t r a t i o n : A u t h o r i a l   P r a c t i c e
E x h i b i t i o n

Woodlane campus, Lamorva House & the goldfish bowl
  Falmouth, Cornwall     UK
Opening August 25  6-9pm
Wednesday, August 26 – Saturday, August 29   10-5pm