In 2005, Ben Burnett, Jason Cyr and myself formed a small collective to co-produce installation/performance art pieces. Our first and only piece was to celebrate ‘art’s birthday’. Using the ARC as a starting point and throwing around the idea that not many people passing by the old, former warehouse building on Powell Street know what goes on behind the walls and that it houses eighty artists live/work studios, we came up with this seven- day event. Each morning for half an hour when the West-bound traffic was at its heaviest (7:30-8:00am) we projected film and photos of ourselves viewing the oncoming traffic through binoculars. The images were 10 feet x 4 feet, the size of the window and directed downward toward the street. On Saturday, the actual ‘birthday’ of art, we showed a birthday cake celebration. It garnered some attention with calls from the Globe & Mail, CTV and a couple of radio stations mentioned the event on air. We never did get feedback from any drivers; we can only imagine.