What the Sea Remembers

What the Sea Remembers  | 2016  | Graphite on paper  |
each panel 30″ x 22″ (76 x 56 cm), seven panels in total


What the Sea Remembers_ drawings copy

A drawing in seven parts, this is a visual narrative of beauty in the details and of the falling away of all of those elements through time. Perhaps we are left to question what is at the end of what feel like frightening decline? Is that where we shall begin again? How do we view the demise of this beauty? Can we focus only on the beauty, the minutiae, the details, the possibility for re-growth?

What actions can we take; what actions do we take? Are we in the cacophony, or in the silence, or that liminal place between?


What the Sea Remembers with Desire Line, in situ at the Ranger Station Art Gallery, Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada