Tender to the Sea


This is the entrance room of my exhibition Tender to the Sea at Falmouth University (Lamorva House, Woodlane Campus) in August, 2015. Two sets of drawings Dream Boats & Row the Boat Out along with Sea Slice, Endangered 101: Counting by Drawing and Tender to the Sea and a series of ten drawings on tracing paper (Row the Boat Out) served as the visual introduction to the attic space that was my extraordinary studio for seven weeks over the summer.

Dream Boats #1 & 2
Watercolour, oil stick on paper
56 x 76 cm | 22″ x 30″

Sea Slice
Graphite on paper
100x 71 cm |  39″ x 28″

Endangered 101
Graphite, graphite paint, watercolour on paper
100x 71 cm |  39″ x 28″

Tender to the Sea
Graphite on paper
100x 71 cm |  39″ x 28″

Row the Boat Out #1-10
Graphite, acrylic on tracing paper
64 x 45cm | 25″ x 17 3/4″