To contact the artist directly, please email
or call/text at (00)  (1) 604 773 9229

For a PDF of artwork available for sale or rental directly from the studio, email or call the artist.

*For the month of September 2017, I will be Artist in Residence at Earthskin in New Zealand. I can accept calls, texts and emails.

From October 3 through to January 12, 2018 I will be Artist in Residence at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, after which I’ll be back in the Vancouver area.

In February 2018, I head to Amsterdam, Netherlands for a two month residency at Cultureland, finishing there on April 12th.

In Vancouver, see work at Art Rental and Sales @ the Vancouver Art Gallery         


Feel free to participate in the cycle of art: comment, share your favourite posts or pages but please know that all photographs and artwork are copyright of the artist, and as such, cannot be used without permission, and credit must be given to the artist. 


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