‘Rock Star World Tour’

Although I am a musician, I am no rock star! My colleague Rory Macdonald of the fabulous boutique recording studio Orchid Studio, likes to upgrade my nomadic/artist residency/further education/travelling stints of the last few years to rock star status. I like to indulge his whim.


I have just returned from four months in Europe where I was Artist in Residence at Cultureland in the Netherlands and then was invited to work and learn with Lucy Morrow Ceramics on the coast of Brittany, France. Both were incredible experiences where I worked with new materials, explored new places, got to meet and know new people, visited museums and made loads of new work. I worked with artichoke seed pods, found denim jeans, graphite paint, paper (my healthy staple), found fishing lines, porcelain soaked seaweed, slip cast porcelain and porcelain paper. I’ll be posting some of this new work as well as work created at other residencies in New Zealand and Oregon, under the Drawings and Sculpture headings.


The big news is that while I was in Europe I applied for a long term residency position, was shortlisted, participated in the six hour interview process and was selected as Marlborough College’s  sole Artist in Residence for the 2018/2019 school year. I am super excited to be moving back to England to live and work on the college campus in Wiltshire.

Later this month I am stoked to be heading north for the three person exhibition ‘Artists in Gwaii Haanas’ at the Haida Gwaii Museum at the end of June.

While I’m in the Vancouver area for the next two months, I will be showing and selling my artwork, as seen in the updated PDF below. I have an amended PDF of what is now available for sale. For questions about purchasing more recent work as seen on my website, or to be in contact about other inquiries please email me at smhumston@gmail.com or feel free to ring. When I am not in town, I have artist colleagues who will be looking after any rentals or sales of my work so I will forward requests onto them and they’ll be happy to help facilitate viewings and sales.

I could not be such a nomadic artist without the support of my friends and family so Thank You for your ongoing interest, encouragement and love – it all makes my world spin.

S.Humston_2018 Inventory





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