Tender to the Sea exhibition video


To do a short walk through of my most recent exhibition, click on the link below.
Tender to the Sea exhibition slideshow

Photo selection of work below, in order: Tender to the Sea (drawings), Row the Boat Out (drawings), A Day Like this (installation), Tender the boat (sculpture), The Stories I Tell (drawing), Flaneur’s Walk (installation), Onto Into Above (painting)

Sea Slice, Endangered 101, Tender to the Sea drawings

3. row the boat out drawings


3. boat horizontal

2. tender to the sea, full w me

2. flaneur's walk, st

Onto, Into, Above #2-4


2 thoughts on “Tender to the Sea exhibition video

  1. Robi Smith

    Siobhan – I love this new work of yours – thanks so much for creating the little video so those of us far away can get a taste. The boat sculpture is so beautiful and I love the large paintings with the boats. Thank you for the inspiration!


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